Tag 10 im #Geschenkehagel – wir stellen Lafi vor vom Etsy Shop robotsandmonkeys

I hope you don’t mind when I write this one in English – Lafi, this is for you and your friends 🙂


For all the other ones who haven’t met Lafi yet – she is the first qualified plush-robot scientist in the whole wide world (as far as we know …) so we are proud to have her in our midst and as part of the #Geschenkehagel.

At her Etsy-Shop RobotsandMonkeys, you find cute little robots made of plush and felt – not so very little, actually, they are not big enough to be real comfortable cushions but big for a stuffed animal – or robot. Lafy always had a soft spot for the beautiful tin robots that were very fashionable toys during the mid century and are now very treasured collectibles. She owns a small one herself, and this was the one that inspired her to try and  create little brothers and sisters for him with soft and cozy fabrics. He probably appreciates that!


Her plush-robot-factory is part of her home in Berlin, where she enjoys music and liquorice while working, designing and sewing. And cinnamon tea, not only during Christmas time 😉

Her robots might not (yet!) be so rare and precious as the original tin ones that were made more than half a century ago, but they are equally detailed and adorable. Lafy’s favourite one is the new „Melo-D 2000“, made for music enthusiasts: it has a keyboard, a mixer and stereo ears. With all these details, her creations are not only for children, but for robot fans of all ages, geeks, scientists and Vintage lovers, too.  Find robotsandmonkeys here! But be aware that you might become addicted!



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